EuroVelo Routes in Poland

Five EuroVelo routes run across Poland. They include:
As of January 2004, no EuroVelo routes have yet been signposted in Poland. Plans for some detailed EuroVelo itineraries are still in dispute and general implementation strategy does not exist. There is no single body overseeing the long-range or even regional cycle routes and there is no government partner for the project. Moreover, there are several problems with the quality of existing bicycle trails that adress mostly mountain bike riders and not long range touring cyclists. However, there are some rideable bicycle trails that ocassionally follow the EuroVelo route itinerary in a few places.

The cities that are the key EuroVelo hubs in Poland are:
EuroVelo routes can lead you either directly, or to the vicinity of several National Parks in Poland. These are:
Please see the our practical info on cycling in Poland page for tips on bicycle touring in Poland and the Bird Service bicycle tour operator for more information.

Cities for bicycles is one of two national contacts for EuroVelo in Poland.