Cities for Bicycles

The bicycle is the most environment friendly means of transportation, with enormous, though underestimated, potential. It is the most energy efficient device ever created by man. In the same time and using the same amount of primary energy, a cyclist will cover four times the distance a pedestrian will walk. The bicycle needs very little space and does not pollute or make noise. This is why we want our cities to became places where anyone can ride their bicycles to work, school, shopping or just for fun. We believe that the bicycle must become an alternative to car in the city - or at least an efficient and significant complement to the car. In 1995, the Cities for Bicycles network was created in Poland by grass root environmental and alternative groups that share this belief and vision.

We are committed to:

We are the advocacy group for cyclists. By standing up for the rights of cyclists, we are in fact working for the general public interest. Growth in bicycle use can improve the environment quality and decrease total (private, public and external) costs of transport. Cycling facilities increase road safety as well as improve the quality of life. They offer more choices for everyday travel and provide better access and mobility to all.

To achieve our goals:

We are not affiliated with any political party. We are one of the few open pressure groups in Poland - definitely not the most influential, but we are here to stay ;-)

The Cities for Bicycles project is implemented by the National Board of Polish Ecological Club (Zarząd Główny Polskiego Klubu Ekologicznego - a member of Friends of the Earth International). The Cities for Bicycles project is not a legal entity (we are a project, a network of individuals and local groups, a webpage, a cycling idea - but not an association). The project is currently financed by the Global Environment Facility with the help of United Nations Development Program (the Gdańsk Cycling Project) and the National Fund for Nature Protection and Water Management. Earlier, the project was financed by various sponsors, notably the Royal Dutch Embassy in Warsaw and the Dutch DOEN Foundation.

Until October 1999, the Cities for Bicycles project was implemented by the Foundation for the support of Ecological Initiatives.

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